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How to Hire a Charleston Landscape Company that Listens

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Giving your outdoor space a makeover can be just as an important decision as redoing the kitchen, adding hardwood floors or converting the master bath into a spa-like retreat. They all take planning and money while resulting in a long-term impact on your most significant investment.

So just as you would do your research before hiring a contractor or interior designer, the same goes for hiring a Charleston landscape design firm. A key factor is finding a company that takes the time to understand the homeowner’s needs for the space and ultimate goals for outdoor living.

At DIG Landscape, we really take the time to both design and build outdoor projects. Few companies truly focus on both aspects, neglecting the design process to ensure a functional space for the customer. We spend time with clients, listening and understanding how they function in the space and how they would like for the space to better accommodate their living needs.

It’s not just about making a great backyard for tomorrow, but really it’s about creating a backyard that works 10 or 15 years down the road. Families grow and change so the space needs to be adaptable to long-term needs. As a simple example, if more seating needs to be added to accommodate additional family members, can more tables and chairs fit seamlessly into the space? It may seem like a small detail but if your landscape firm isn’t thinking ahead, you might find adding another table and chairs makes the space too crowded and throws off the entire design.

Here at DIG Landscape, once we get a sense of a customer’s needs, we create a variety of concepts and ideas, tweaking those until we have just what the customer wants and what we feel confident will work best for the outdoor space they have.

Customers then receive an item-by-item price list, making it easy for them to eliminate any items to accommodate their budget. At that point, we don’t just hand the project off to the installation crew. We select each plant and oversee the installation, working closely with the client each step of the way.

We work with clients all over the Charleston market on their landscaping projects and we strive for 100% satisfaction. To achieve that we have to understand customer needs up front so we can design and build a Charleston landscape plan that not only is a good use of their money but also a space they will enjoy for years.